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Sourcing a Wood Screener in NZ with Rugged Durability

For operations that routinely process high volumes of firewood, obtaining a wood screener in NZ could offer immense value in enhancing the effectiveness of your efforts. Not only does screening wood for debris help to produce a cleaner end-product that handles storage conditions better, but it also helps to reduce unnecessary weight. It may not seem like much at first but removing small amounts of debris from each piece of firewood can add up to real savings in logistics procedures. You may even be able to reprocess the resultant wood debris for additional value. At Forest Quip, we’re excited to provide one of the most trusted resources for forestry equipment in NZ, including screeners.

What You Should Know About Our Wood Screeners for NZ Clients

With three industry-leading options for wood screeners, Forest Quip offers versatile solutions ideal for any application. Whether you have crews who will process wood all day long and you require heavy duty screening capabilities for large loads, or you only need to handle a small amount seasonally, we have the equipment to match your needs. Here are some of the key things to know about these solutions:

  • We supply products by leading manufacturers, including Xyocrible and Finnish-based Hakki Pilke. Featuring some of the finest engineering, each unit features a design and construction meant to withstand years of heavy use in the forestry sector.
  • We will ensure your crews understand how to operate the equipment safely. After supply, we send one of our qualified technicians to your site to aid with setup and training. We won’t leave until it is clear how to make the best use of your screener.

Little Known Facts About New Zealand Wood Screeners

What if you’re new to wood screening, or you aren’t very familiar with this equipment? Take a moment to dig in to the facts and learn more about what makes this hardware such a valuable investment for your operation:

  • Removing debris from firewood can help it to dry and cure more quickly, resulting in a log that burns more evenly and does not require as much time to make ready for sale or use. Debris removal helps to create more surface area to allow air to penetrate and dry out the wood.
  • Accessories can complement and extend the functionality of your equipment. Some items, such as the Hakki Pilke blower, aid in speeding up your work by reducing or removing menial tasks such as clearing sawdust from the screener after a long period of operation. Don’t forget to ask about accessory options.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing from Forest Quip

With nearly a decade and a half in the industry behind us, we continue to look forward to the latest developments in the forestry sector. At Forest Quip, we strive to stay on the “cutting” edge while offering our NZ clients robust and personable support. Whether you have questions to explore before you buy or you require assistance in the weeks and months after your purchase, we’re always here to provide helpful answers. Find out more about how to acquire this valuable equipment when you contact us today.