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Stump Grinders NZ

Give Your Team the Tools to Succeed with Stump Grinders in NZ

Every contractor that conducts forestry work can benefit from using stump grinders in NZ. These machines drastically simplify stump removal and make the task much easier for your team to manage. Continue reading below to learn about our exclusive selection of stump grinders and helpful tips to get more value from them.

Benefits of a Hydraulic Stump Grinder

It’s no secret that stump grinding is difficult labour. Fortunately, you can use a hydraulic grinder to reduce the effort it takes to succeed at any stump removal.

  • Hydraulic grinders are among the most powerful stump removal tools available in NZ. If your clients regularly work with large pieces of land that require stump removal, you can dramatically improve how easy it is for your team to clear them in record time.
  • These stump grinders are also tremendously flexible. FSI produces various hydraulic grinder designs that attach to diggers and tractors, as well as having variable controls that allow you to manoeuvre the grinder everywhere you need it quickly.
  • New grinders are also safe machines that protect your staff from accidental injury. FSI’s designs are tested for real work conditions and suited for the NZ environment. Give your team the peace of mind that comes from working with new and well-designed equipment.

Tips Regarding Your Tree Stump Grinder

Every piece of equipment that your company uses should have a clear purpose and help you either save money on labour or increase your revenue. Review these tips to maximise the benefit that a hydraulic grinder can provide for your bottom line:

  • The most telling quality of a stump grinder is its manufacturing company. FSI is a Denmark-based manufacturer that has been developing and improving on traditional tree stump grinder designs for nearly 20 years. Its hydraulic stump grinders are among the best equipment available in the NZ market.
  • As there are always improvements in the industry, we can help you learn everything there is to know about FSI stump grinders. We have direct contact with the manufacturer so that our team is consistently trained on detailed information regarding these models. You can speak to our experienced and educated support staff on the phone both before and after you purchase your hydraulic grinder.
  • Don’t rush into the decision. These machines reflect a significant investment, so you can help your future self by taking the time necessary to analyse your options and compare various models properly. Speak with other contractors and our support team to determine which model best suits your business.

Why You Should Buy from Forest Quip

Forest Quip is committed to providing exceptional products with exceptional customer service. We rely on European manufacturers for all the forestry equipment that we stock. Manufacturers such as FSI have high standards for quality, so we are proud to source them for the NZ market. When you purchase a reliable grinder, you can improve your team’s work ethic, your clients’ satisfaction, and your business’s equity. Contact us today to learn more about the different hydraulic grinders we have available.