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Superaxe WS3150 Wood Splitter

The robust WS3150 is suitable for processing larger volumes of firewood for farm, hire or commercial operations. Featuring a 200kg capacity hydraulic log lifter, larger wheels, larger workbench and a larger frame – the WS3150 is the second most powerful splitter in the range. The innovative double handed control with auto return ensures ease of use, quick cycle times & unmatched safety. The WS3150 is fitted with a 9hp engine delivering a whopping 21 tons of splitting power and a 7 second cycle time. Couple with optional infeed hoppers and/or outfeed elevators for even greater output. The WS3150 is also available with a 13hp power pack. This model has all the attachments required to fit/retrofit an elevator. Call us to discuss the options.


The Superaxe range of wood splitters are available in 3 different models – the WS150, WS3150 and the WS4150. All models feature the following:

  • PROUDLY MADE IN AUSTRALIA: Designed and built in our Victorian workshop with quality components
  • SLIDING BLADE: Patented vertical action sliding blade with innovative wedge design easily splits the toughest Australian hardwood. Handles different lengths of wood up to 450mm.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Block lifter, large bench area, compact, portable & towable.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Rugged heavy-duty construction with minimal maintenance required.
  • ERGONOMIC: Back saving log lifter and ideal bench height for advanced ergonomic comfort
  • EASY & SAFE TO USE: Double handed control system enhances safety by keeping hands away from moving blade.
  • LONG WARRANTY: Two-year warranty on all parts and construction


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