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Hakki Pilke 50 Pro

Heavy-duty machine with superior performance. The Hakki Pilke 50 Pro was designed in close cooperation with firewood professionals. It has been tested with a variety of wood types across the globe to ensure international viability as a professional-grade machine for industrial firewood production and consistently superior performance in all condition

The 50 Pro cuts and splits so efficiently that it can be described as a one-man firewood factory. The machine comes as standard with a wide range of features that improve efficiency and facilitate work. The HakkiCutTM sawing interface makes using the machine fast and ergonomic. Sawing is performed at the press of a button, and the splitting and feeding mechanisms are controlled with a joystick. During cutting, the lowering speed of the saw bar is automatically adjusted according to the resistance, ensuring a fast and efficient process. The log landing plates ensure that even the shortest cut logs land neatly into the splitting groove. The productivity level is unbeatable with the delay-free HakkiSplit™ splitting system with half-stroke function for making short firewood faster. The standard equipment also includes electric chain oil pump, AC 10 automatic chain tensioner, cleaning outfeed conveyor and an adjustable work platform.

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