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Make Quick Work of Wood Waste with Kindling Machines in NZ


Every fire must start somewhere — and that tinder can flow from your business, supplied using high-tech kindling machines in NZ. Whether your operation must be able to process whole round logs quickly, or you have an abundant supply of off-cuts and wood waste to process, transforming that material into kindling by hand is time-consuming, energy-intensive, and inefficient. For any application, from the small scale to the high-volume production environment, kindling machines offer a practical alternative that can help to save time and money while improving the quality of the final product. At Forest Quip, we’re proud to supply a range of options created by industry-leading manufacturers from around the world.


About Forest Quip


Why turn to our team when you’re interested in acquiring a powerful new kindling machine? There are many reasons to consider making Forest Quip your equipment supplier of choice. Take a moment to learn a little bit about who we are and what we do:


  • We’ve been in business for 14 years and counting, and we’re excited to share our in-depth knowledge and understanding of forestry and firewood equipment with our clients. Over our years in business, we’ve seen and solved a wide variety of problems for clients; let’s explore together how we can improve your output.
  • We are official distributors for trusted and well-known European brands for both New Zealand and Australia, including Fuelwood, makers of many of the most renowned kindling machines on the market. Our distributor status enables us to not only provide various products, but to support them during and after sales, too.


About the Professional Staff at Forest Quip


When the time comes to consider a major investment to help improve your ability to output kindling in New Zealand, access to the products alone is not enough — you deserve robust support, too. At Forest Quip, we field an experienced and friendly team of individuals who are always ready to provide our clients with excellent service. Here’s what you should know about our team:


  • We’re a small, tightly-knit group with a passion for helping our NZ clients. When you contact us for help, you can trust you won’t be passed from person to person; in many cases, you can count on a single, convenient point of contact for all your needs.
  • We have first-hand knowledge and experience with this equipment, which extends to training and advice. Forest Quip always sends one of our team to see you after a purchase to aid in training and instruction in its safe operation.


We understand the need to consider every investment before committing. Whenever you have questions or concerns, you can count on finding the right answers with Forest Quip.


Why Forest Quip is the Right Choice in NZ for a Kindling Machine


From our well-sourced range of trusted equipment to our commitment to customer satisfaction and safe work environments, Forest Quip is a leading supplier for Australia and New Zealand for a reason — we go the extra step for our customers. The kindling you produce today could eventually help to heat a home tomorrow — and with a reliable way to deliver consistently quality goods, you can ramp up to an even higher volume as necessary. Explore more information about these options now, or contact us today for a chat about procurement.