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Giant Front Loader

Forest Quip Offers a High-Quality Giant Front Loader

Over our more than 14 years in operation, Forest Quip has become known in the forestry industry for the high quality European made and designed equipment we import and that includes a Giant front loader. When you have logs, soil or other material to move and need a machine powerful enough to do the job, one of our Giant front loaders is the best tool to get them where you want them efficiently. You can trust in our experience to help you find the right equipment. We will also come on site and assist with training and setting it up.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding a Giant Front Loader

We offer several models of Giant’s front loaders from the compact D204SW, which at 1 000 kilograms can almost lift its own weight, to the mammoth V761 series which is the ultimate tool carrier with a tipping load up to 4 000 kilograms. Here are a few pieces of advice when considering adding a Giant front loader to your equipment:

  • The size of the loader is an important factor to base your choice on but it is far from the only relevant feature. Many of our customers use their giant front loaders to load logs onto trucks. A telescoping front loader is a good option for this as it can lift loads higher.
  • Speed is often not an essential factor for most operators of front loaders. If that is not the case with your needs, the Giant HD series of front loaders are fitted with 12-tonne axles and a bigger gear pump. With these additions, they can reach a speed of 28 kilometres per hour and have an increased pulling force.
  • Don’t forget about the attachments. One of the greatest benefits of Giant front loaders is their interchangeable attachments. From buckets designed to handle earth or stone to broken stone forks and buckets, you can swap these out as needed to get more use out of the front loader.

History of Forest Quip’s Giant Front Loaders

For the last 14 years, we have been offering the highest quality European designed and manufactured equipment on an exclusive license in New Zealand, Giant included. A few highlights of what that history allows us to offer you include:

  • With our experience, we understand the type of workload and terrain requirements New Zealand companies have to deal with every day. We choose the machines we import based on this knowledge so you know they will be able to handle your site.
  • Experience brings with it know-how that we are happy to impart to our customers and potential customers. The more we know about what you intend to do, the better we can steer you to the equipment that will meet your needs.
  • Pay attention to our upcoming shows and events. These will give you a chance to see the equipment we offer in use and chat with our team.

What You Should Know About Giant Front Loaders

Since 1996, Tobroco-Giant manufacture Giant machines in their state-of-the-art factory in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands. They offer 36 different models, available in 40 countries around the world. Between the selection of machines and interchangeable attachments, they can handle virtually any job you have for them. Contact us today to learn more about how these fantastic machines can help at your next site.