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Move Logs Easier with a Forestry Trailer

For a forestry trailer that is built to last, safe and easy to operate, we have the equipment that will meet all your requirements. Our company is the largest supplier of quality European machinery throughout Australasia. We have a strong relationship with the factories who supply us with our premium forestry machinery, and we only invest in equipment that is suitable for NZ conditions.

What Sets Forest Quip Apart in NZ Regarding a Forestry Trailer?

When it comes to customer service, we go above and beyond to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with your machinery. We offer:

  • Quality European Brands: We exclusively distribute machinery from top European brands. Our company carefully selects equipment that is designed with ingenuity and is reliable for NZ forestry conditions. Each piece of machinery uses the latest technology for efficient and safe operation to help improve your productivity, time and effort.
  • Professional advice: Whether you need help finding the most suitable machinery for your requirements or have already made your purchase, we can provide extensive knowledge of our equipment. We will send one of our team members to assist with the setup of your machinery and to train your operators to work the equipment safely and effectively.
  • Extensive experience: Our company has been in operation for more than 14 years. We regularly visit the factories where the machines are made and keep up to date with the latest developments. We have extensive experience in the industry and understand which machines will work effectively in NZ.

What You Should Know About Our Forestry Trailer in NZ

Our premium and reliable forestry trailer features:

  • The Rabaud brand name: Rabaud is a French company with a research and development department and places a high emphasis on new innovative machinery. The company maintains full control of its engineering, manufacturing, assembly, sales and delivery processes to ensure that customers receive the highest quality equipment.
  • A hydraulic brake on the wheels: For added safety, the Rabaud Xylotrailer has hydraulic breaks on each of the four wheels to secure the eleven-tonne trailer. The trailer is road approved for up to 25 kilometres per hour.
  • Innovative safety components: A raised footbridge will give you better visibility of the load as you operate the crane, which comes in 6.75 or 8-metre options. This feature, as well as the wide-size protection grid, makes for safe loading of logs.

Why Should You Trust Forest Quip?

Our company supplies quality, durable and reliable forest machinery throughout Australasia. We have extensive knowledge and experience working in the industry and ensure that our equipment is suitable and effective for NZ conditions. We have excellent customer service with professional advice from your first enquiry to after-purchase support which includes one of our team members on-site to assist you in setting up your machinery. We supply the latest technology machinery to help you work more efficiently. Contact us today for quality forestry equipment.